Lotus Elise S1 – Yearly Service (2017)

Service – 5w40 oil and filter, general check over, refitted brake pads to eliminate knocking noise. Done by Simon Purcell. Mileage: 81,863 Cost: £80 inc. oil

Lotus Elise S1 – Service and MOT (2016)

Service, MOT, floor plates bonded in, original S1 Elise floor mats fitted, earth straps cleaned up. Mileage: 81062 Service, MOT and other labour: £431.22 (D.S.Purcells) Floor plates (purchased Feb 2016): £30.00 (The Foot) Total: £461

Lotus Elise S1 – Service and MOT (2015)

Service, MOT, new tyres (fitted to a better condition set of AWI wheels), new brake pads and discs, new windscreen, adjustable battery clamp and an S2 wiper arm and blade. Work carried out D.S.Purcells.

Lotus Elise S1 – Battery Replacement

The last few times using the car I’d had to jump start it out the garage – I’d wondered if perhaps I hadn’t connected the trickle charger properly, but after double checking things thoroughly after parking it up and it failing to start a week later it was pretty obvious […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Service and MOT (2014)

A service and MOT by D.S. Purcells. Passed MOT with no advisories but a couple minor items picked up on by Simon to keep an eye on in the future. Only managed 630 miles between MOTs though, oops! Mileage: 80014 Cost: £162


Things have been a bit crazy of late, so please excuse the lack of updates. After 6 years in Swindon we took the decision to move back down to Somerset, so spent the second half of last year getting our house on the market and sold. The sale went through […]

Moving in…

Moved back down to Somerset towards the end of 2013 and had to sort out bracing the roof of the garage before bringing the car back to its new home.

Jim Clark and Kev Harvey Memorial Tour

Had a great trip away over the bank holiday weekend with a group of SELOC members to visit the Jim Clark Room and the Memorial Clock in Chirnside, the restoration of which was paid for by club members last year after the passing of Kev Harvey. I got drafted in […]


Starting over with this after a period of not bothering to update it – sure I’ll add some more content later. Most recent thing of interest that I’ve been doing has been putting together a Track Test video of the Lotus Exige S which you can find below.