Lotus Elise S1 – Lotus Driving Academy Trip and a Tyre Surprise

Paul Parkinson of Lipscomb Lotus had very kindly arranged a SELOC only day at the Lotus Driving Academy for the Level 1 course, so it was up to Norfolk for my first ever visit to Lotus HQ.

I headed up on the Friday to save as it was over a 3 hour drive and we had an early start the next day, and as I was parking up at The Old Thorne Barn I noticed that my front tyre wear was somewhat uneven!

The fronts were left with about 4mm of tread on the outside edge where I had previously checked the wear, but excess toe-out had left the inside edges up to the centre of the tyre scrubbed almost bald in around 3,000 miles!

The LDA day was excellent – you can read my report here – and I’d highly recommend it to anyone, but I’m less than thrilled with the geo performed by Performance Cars of Swindon!

£104.78 spent on a pair of ‘Primewell’ front tyres from the only tyre place I could find open at 4pm on a Saturday within limping distance of the Lotus factory was a bit annoying but better than risking 6 points and a fine, or even worse an accident, on the way home.

Mileage: 76700

Cost: £105

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