Lotus Elise S1 – Battery Replacement

The last few times using the car I’d had to jump start it out the garage – I’d wondered if perhaps I hadn’t connected the trickle charger properly, but after double checking things thoroughly after parking it up and it failing to start a week later it was pretty obvious the battery was shot.

Picked up a Bosch S4 Battery 063 replacement from CarParts4Less.co.uk and fitted it myself – a bit of a pain, but fortunately the old battery had a handle which meant getting it out was simply maddening rather than impossible.

Also spent a bit of time adjusting the front bonnet hatch fixings to stop it rubbing on the front clamshell whilst opening and the rear engine cover latch fastening to get it to sit flush properly when closed and stop it stick when opening.

Mileage: 80370

Cost: £107

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