Starting over with this after a period of not bothering to update it – sure I’ll add some more content later. Most recent thing of interest that I’ve been doing has been putting together a Track Test video of the Lotus Exige S which you can find below.

Lotus Elise S1 – Cooling system tweaks and other fixes

PRRT kit fitted, new ball joint and alternator Problems with temperatures due to a hard to shift air-lock put me off using the Elise much last year, so decided to hell with it I’d get a PRRT kit fitted so that hopefully I’ve taken all the steps possible to stabilise […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Grille Refresh

Since the weather has been crap lately decided to do a few bits and pieces to tidy things up on the car. First up, removing the front and rear grilles to give them a bit of a tidy up and replace the fixings. Front grille came off no problem with […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Service and MOT (2012)

Back to Hofmanns for an A service and MOT, along with getting a couple issues from the previous work dealt with – coolant temperatures were erratic, dropping heavily under acceleration so the coolant system was bled again and the front clamshell fitting was adjusted to stop the drivers door rubbing […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Nitron Street Series and a BIG bill

After the tyre wear issues I decided it was time for a change of suspension setup. I’d never been particularly at ease with the Gaz Gold Pros since fitting, they felt great at Snetterton, but on the road they seemed to struggle to keep the rear of the car under […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Evora S Open Day at Bell and Colvill

Took the day off work today to pay a visit to Bell and Colvill for their Evora S open day. Having spent ages writing about the Evora for the SELOC TechWiki this was actually my first chance to get behind the wheel of one, and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve written […]

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

Today was my first ever visit to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it! I arrived bright an early just after 7am, got parked up, and headed in to the event. There was a huge amount there but I’m going […]

Lotus Elise S1 – Snetterton 300 Lotus on Track Evening

And so SELOC@Snetts begins… started the day 3 hour drive up to Snetterton with the car loaded up for 4 days away and arrived at the circuit with an AWFUL grinding noise coming from the front left corner. A trip down to the pit lane and the guys from Essex […]